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  -  -woman, Hair Care  -  22 Luxury Argan Box Flower Shampoo + Mask 200 ml + Volume + Oil 100 ml

22 Luxury Argan

Box Flower

100 ml - 3.38 fl oz - 200 ml - 6.76 fl.oz.


The Box flower is a a very emotional set.

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The Box flower is a a very emotional set. It opens like a flower that reveals its petals to show the 22 Luxury argan products
Shampoo, Mask, volume,secret, and oil are a real welcome gift!
It has been designed to contain the products in an orderly way for a safe transport and a surprising presentation.

Additional information

22 Luxury Argan Shampoo : Apply on wet hair and massage delicately. Repeat the application. Rinse and apply 22 Luxury Argan Mask. 22 Luxury Argan Mask: After the shampoo remove the excess of water and apply an abundant quantity of the product on the hair. Leave it on for a few minutes with or without source of heat. Rinse thoroughly and dry the hair. 22 Luxury Argan Volume : Spray on root on wet, towel-dried hair. Proceed with the blow-dry for a volume effect. Apply on dry hair to support the volume, spray on roots and style with the blow-dryer. 22 Luxury Argan Oil: Massage the amount necessary of 22 Luxury Argan Oil into wet hair and continue drying according to preferences. Massage little quantity on dry hair every day. It dries very quickly.


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